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With over 25 successful years in sport horse sales, the name of Warren Eventing has become synonymous with top quality event horses, knowledgeable advice, honesty and integrity. Tim and Toni Warren have a vast network of clients and friends across Britain and Europe, with foundations built upon years of trust and respect for the service they provide and the continually evolving selection of talented young competition horses for sale.

"You may not know it, but wherever you are on the national or international circuit, you are never far away from a 'Warren horse'!"

Tim also spends much of his time acting as a horse agent for clients, helping to source top competition horses on the circuit both home and abroad. His depth of knowledge is priceless, and he is renowned for his straight talking and honest, unbiased appraisal of a horse – even if it is a little too honest for some! With so many friends and contacts in the eventing world, he will always know the history of a horse; and if he doesn’t, he will know someone who does.

Buying a horse can be like walking through a minefield in hobnail boots – there are sometimes unwanted hidden extras, and someone with prior knowledge can help you tiptoe through. Ask anyone on the circuit and they will tell you that Tim is a reliable and trustworthy navigator.

"There is nothing more rewarding for us than watching a young horse develop and fulfil its potential to reach the top of its game."

Some of the many Success Stories can be seen in this website, and for the future stars take a look at the current Stock of burgeoning talent.

Please take a look around our website – we would love to know what you think!

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